Nick Beckius – Eagle project- Trellis and Receptacle

My Eagle Project consisted of two smaller projects, both for the Simsbury Community Farm operated by Gifts of Love. First, I built fourteen trellises to help stabilize vertical growing plants near the pavilion. They’re basically mini ladders that vine-like plants can creep up and have something stable to grow on, other than the pavilion itself. After that, I built an outdoor trash receptacle for the trash and recycle bins. The receptacle has many
functions. It protects the trash and recycle bins from outside threats such as wind and large animals, and allows for the easy transport of both bins at once (the receptacle is on wheels). It will be really useful when outdoor events (especially those using the pavilion) get into full swing at the farm. People will no longer have to worry about the trash cans getting blown
over by the wind, and both bins will now be in the same place!

I would like to especially thank Ms. Marshall, my family, Mr. Burrows, and the Doyle family, for helping me get the project off the ground and helping me tackle all the problems that came up along the way. I couldn’t have completed the project without you guys!