Nathan Stockwell – Eagle Project – Bicycle Parking Area

For his service project, Nathan created a bicycle parking area at Squadron Line School. The new parking area allows students to bike to the school while avoiding carpool traffic, thereby enhancing safety and promoting exercise. Nathan worked with Mr. Matycyk, the school’s vice principal, to design the project, which consisted of the building of a crushed stone pad for a bike rack and the refurbishment of two existing bike racks.
Nathan began the project by determining the optimum location and design of the crushed stone pad. He also evaluated options for repair and beautification of the existing bike racks, one of which would remain at the front of the school while the other would be moved to the new pad at the rear. Nathan estimated materials and costs and set a fundraising goal, which he achieved through generous contributions from relatives and the families of Troop 174. The new pad required a workforce of scout volunteers to dig up and remove sod from a 14’ x 20’ area, which was then covered by over a ton of crushed stone to create an all-weather mud-free parking area. Refurbishment of the racks involved replacing missing pipes on the bike racks, straightening bent ones, removing rust, and painting the racks.
Once completed, the refurbished racks and new parking area are a significant enhancement to the safety, convenience, and appearance of the school and will hopefully be enjoyed for many years.