Mohammad Mundiwala- Eagle Project- Benches

The Simsbury Community Farm, run by Gifts of Love is a non-profit that I decided to help with my Eagle Scout project. They were trying to make an outdoor classroom with 6 benches. One of the main reasons I actually chose to make benches was because of how little I knew about making them. Working with lumber was pretty new to me and I knew I had a lot to learn in order to finish my project. Knowing all of the materials and supplies, figuring out who could help out and how the benches would even be made were also a part of planning. I must thank Mr. Mulligan, a skilled craftsman, who was essential to the assembly process and who let me use his chop saw. I can say undoubtedly that there is no better friend to a big project than a thorough plan. I felt very proud after the benches were made and fully stained. To my pleasure, the farm loved the way the benches turned out and even put them to more use than just the outdoor classroom. My eagle project was filled with many emotions from frustration and procrastination to eagerness and satisfaction. It was hardest for me to start the project and get things going because of how challenging the tasks seemed to be, but once I got into it, it was not nearly as cumbersome as I had thought. I know I learned valuable lessons from this experience, like the usefulness of specifics and the uselessness of procrastinating. Lastly, a shout out to my Mom & Dad, who pushed me along and were always there with their support.