Michael Doyle – Eagle Project- Loafing Shed

After all the time Mike has spent volunteering at the farm, it was a natural choice to want his eagle project to benefit the farm and, as is typical of Mike, he sought out a challenging Eagle project there. He designed, planned, fund-raised, and oversaw the construction of a loafing shed at the Community Farm of Simsbury. The loafing shed is a three-walled structure that provides shade for the cows, sheep and alpaca in their paddock, as well as provides a place for the animals to be fed hay in a manger. It took eight months of work including gaining approval from the Board of Selectmen and Town Planning and raising over $1800 before Mike’s project proceeded from concept to conclusion. 

Mike has many people he would like to thank for the success of his Eagle project. First, a big thanks goes to his uncle, Jeff Doyle, whose assistance was vital during planning and construction. A very special thanks goes to Jonni Marshall at the Community Farm of Simsbury, who gave Mike the opportunity to build the shed and supported this project every step of the way, including attending Board of Selectmen meetings to provide support. He would also like to recognize all of the people who donated money in support of the project. A huge round of appreciation goes to all the scouts and families who helped build and stain the shed, including Nick Beckius, the Coles, the Crokes, the Gaitmaitins, Chris Holland, the Kendricks, the Mylanders, Mr. Reichler, the Schulitzs, Nate Stockwell and Mr. Reichler and to Mr. Burrows for his guidance and encouragement at each stage of the project. Finally, a special note of gratitude is sent to Sanford and Hawley and Maher’s for their donations to the project.