Jacob Gaitmaitan – Benches at Tootin’ Hills

  For his Eagle Scout project, Jacob and his friends designed, constructed, and installed two outdoor benches in front of Tootin’ Hills Elementary School. The benches were built in honor of his old elementary school principal, Ron Perrault, who was retiring that year. Jacob also wanted to give back to the community that raised him with something enduring and useful. The benches are grey, and can be found to the left and right of the school’s train playscape right in front of the building. The benches are weatherproof, grey, and made of cedar. The project cost around $715, with most of the funding coming from the Tootin’ Hills PTO, and the rest covered by the Gatmaitan family. The components of the bench were constructed at the Gatmaitan household, and were put together on site at Tootin’ Hills Elementary School. Lumber was supplied by Sanford and Hawley Lumber Company, and the design couldn’t have been completed without the assistance of Hal Collins. Blueprints were produced by Noni de Guzman.

     Jacob would like to thank the following for their assistance:  Ben H. Reyes, Scott Ye, Stan Frost, Don Reichler, Hal Collins, Al and Sam Bitzer, Linda and Greg Peach, Ryan Lough, Grant Boughton, Joshua and Claudia Reyes, Noni de Guzman. A special thank you to Liz Martinez, President of the Tootin’ Hills Parent Teachers Organization and to Frank Sanford of Sanford and Hawley Lumber, Avon, CT.