Eagle Awards and Court of Honor

Tonight, at Simsbury United Methodist Church, numerous family and friends came together to enjoy each other’s company and great barbecue from Bear’s Barbecue. Oh yes, and also celebrate the scouts moving up in ranks at the annual Court of Honor.

Andrew Mylander, Matthew Locandro, William Bonnell, and Michael Doyle all achieved the rank of Eagle this evening, obtaining the highest advancement ranking in Boy Scouts.

Eric Wellman, First Selectman of Simsbury


Eric Wellman, First Selectman of Simsbury, was the guest of honor, giving a lovely speech to the four new Eagles to congratulate them and elevate them as an example of Simsbury residents. Further awards, recognitions, and congratulations were given by several others, including the Simsbury American Legion, several United States cabinet members, and two former Presidents. Senator Chris Murphy even passed a long a flag that had flown over the Capitol building this past summer.

All in all, it was a fun filled evening filled with laughter and memories, and ending with cake. What could be better?